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P.S. The first step to begin any substantial change is to be curious enough to explore the possibilities.

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How does coaching work?
The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. As a certified professional coach, Judy will work with you by:
  • Listening to where you are 

  • Helping you define what success looks and feels like for you at your current stage of life and business

  • Clarifying what will make your business, life work and life more satisfying

  • Empowering you to you identify and overcome all the thoughts, feelings and actions that keep you wishing for something different but not creating any movement to get there

  • Drawing out then enacting a plan that will have you excited and energized to be fearless in claiming the success that creates authentic, scalable success and JOY!

You may be wondering,  will it be worth my time and money? Take a moment to think about what it is costing you to stay right where you are.  How long have you felt stuck or stagnant?  How much longer can you keep pressing on when deep down you long for more?  It is normal to be afraid to think about the possibilities.  What if you get your hopes up and don't get there? Consider, what if you do? You are visiting this site for a reason - you want something to change.  Now imagine the possibilities and feeling you might have when you make the change you are seeking.  Try a discovery session and see.  There's nothing to lose and much to gain.
How will we meet? Sessions may be held over the phone, on Zoom conferencing, Facetime, Skype or in person (if you are located withing driving distance).  My goal is to serve you in the way that is most comfortable to you.

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