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For Entrepreneurs

Businss Development Coaching
Coaching for You and Your Business 

For every business owner, the end goal should be to create a turn-key, high-value asset. So, when you are ready to do something different you can sell it for a healthy profit, The reality is, when you have been at it for a while, it is normal to settle into the status quo, feel limited by the lack of new ideas, and experience challenges with staffing and workload. 


You may start to stress and worry over how to grow revenue and profit. You may wish you had more time to do the things you enjoy. The next thing you know, the day gets sucked-away dealing with the constant demands, and then it hits you- How do I get myself out of this mess?

What if things could feel lighter and in control? What if your staff said, "go home early today, we've got this?" Imagine your accounts full of cash as everything hums along in sync. How do you get there? Start right here! Schedule a strategy session and re-imagine success. Open your mind to new ways of thinking and operating. Become a workplace that attracts and retains incredibly talented people, serves its market well, and enjoys the thrill of abundant wins. 

Reach out today to explore the many ways you and your business can become all that you desire.

For Executive Leaders

Career Transition & Empowerment
Are you ready to re-define what success is to you?

You are a high performer. You work hard, you have keen insights, and you want more. You see so much unrealized potential in your company and wish your co-workers and supervisor weren't such inhibitors to progress. It gets hard facing this situation 40-60 hours a week. You are throwing the net out, fishing for new opportunities, but - Nothing! Not one satisfying bite. 

Are you ready to draw out a plan to propel yourself in the company where you have invested many years of your life? Or, maybe you want to explore a pivot to something that doesn't feel like work, pays you what you're worth, and engages your talents and experience to create positive results in a new position or even consider starting your own business? Schedule a discovery session today. The path to feeling energized, successful, and loving what you do awaits you!


Would you like to engage a professional speaker for your next conference or meeting? Judy is happy to customize her inspiring presentations to meet your needs.

  • Service that Excels

  • The #1 Secret to Success for Every Busines

  • Everyone Wins! The Power of Collaboration  

  • The Leadership Present- Five Gifts for  Growth


She shares stories relevant to your business with crucial points that meet your desired outcomes. Her light humor and thought-provoking questions will keep your audience attentive and energized. Call to discuss the possibilities and dates or visit our Speaker site for more information.


Are you ready to get your group energized and focussed to work smarter with greater success? 

Schedule a half day or whole day workshop or group development session for your company or organization. We incorporate fun, engaging, and interactive methods that are productive for your audience and tailored to your specific goals and needs

We offer group coaching on topics like leadership, selling, customer service, growth mindset, communication, the WOW Factor, and much more. 

See our current Events  for our scheduled  workshops

Confidence & Communication Coaching 
Confidence & Communication Coaching

Know Yourself! Communicate with Confidence! Be You! 

Confident communication is at the core of everything that I coach.

Are you afraid to speak in front of a group?

Do you often sit quietly while everyone talks?

Have your attributed your silence to being an introvert or fear of sounding arrogant?

Do you often blurt out or force your thoughts, only to mentally beat yourself up afterward?

Do you desire to be brave while authentically and humbly sharing yourself? 

Do you want healthy relationships at home, at work, and in social circles?

If you answered yes to any of those, make your first act of bravery to reach out for a conversation with me. It would be my honor to coach you to confidently communicate and share your hidden brilliance. It may seem scary, but I promise you we will work at your pace to get you there and it will feel so amazing to be able to confidently and clearly share your thoughts in any situation.

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