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Learn How to Identify and Reduce Entrepreneur Stress Now

What's stressing you isn't what you think it is

Learning how to deal with entrepreneur stress is one of the most common challenges that business owners request for help.

It's interesting. You may have read many articles about how to manage stress, but most of them are things that everyone tells me they want to do but don't know how to do. For example, they might say, take breaks, go on walks, stop and breathe, work on your work-life balance, stop trying to be perfect, delegate more, hire people you trust, get your financial situation under control, and commit to vacation time. But, ironically, trying to figure out how to do the things to be less stressed creates more things to do, which stresses them even more. Right?

Stress management is in the BEing not the DOing

Since the so-called solutions can add to the to do lists, sometimes they create more stress instead of less. I am going to show you how to have sustainable stress management. It's really about eliminating what it is that stresses you so you can BEcome consistently more efficient and effective while enjoying better results and freedom from all that keeps you stressed. If you don't stop trying to DO it all and manage it all, no matter what you Do, stress seems to compound. Right?

Consider all kinds of coping mechanisms and actions help by giving the feeling of DOing something. Most of them leave us empty and more stressed. Consider the eating, shopping, or drinking too much. They provide a feel good way to cope but are very temporary relief that mostly leave us feeling ashamed or guilty or provide momentary relief.

The good news is there is an easy path to gain the stress management techniques that become easy new way of thinking and BEing. In doing so, it enables you to BE who you want and need to be in various situations to get the kind of results that once seemed impossible. I've done it, thousands of others have done it and you can, too!

An Energized Leader is a Stress Management Master

I like to use proven, practical assessment tools with my clients so they can see the reality of their everyday stress and stressors, and that way, they can address them at the core.

Doing so helps them learn how to break the patterns that keep them stressed and stuck.

So then they can move forward to achieve what they really want by leading themselves and others well without letting the real and perceived stressors get the way.

One of my favorite assessments is the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. The ELI is a one-of-a-kind assessment that, when coupled with a debrief with me, is designed by iPEC to help you explore what blocks and diminishes your energy, so you can shift it and begin taking steps toward creating the ideal life you envision without all the stress.

It's a proprietary assessment from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) that provides a snapshot of where you are in your emotional (or energetic) engagement. I use it to help you explore what blocks and diminishes your energy, causing you stress. Then we shift the perspective so you can begin taking steps toward creating the ideal work and life you envision. Whatever situations have you confused, sad, and unmotivated or have you angry, frustrated, forcing, and arguing, you can identify and learn from them, then flip them. Then, you can move on to something that feels much better, truly in a place of service and caring; and creative collaboration, connection, and ultimate vision, because you're not all mired in negative thinking.

When you take this assessment, you learn how to access the kind of emotional engagement you want in any situation so that it serves you best. When this happens, It changes everything.

It changes how stressed you are at work, home, volunteering, or even yourself internally. All the factors in any situation can bring extreme pleasure, joy, and success where anxiety and stress once dominated.

How Do You Manage Stress by BEING?

You handle stress by understanding your emotional engagement and being aware of what thoughts are creating your feelings so that you can shift those thoughts to serve you better to create more positive, forward-moving beliefs and engagement. That is also referred to as self-leadership.

When you're repeatedly churning on negative, stressful thoughts, you perpetuate doing the same ineffective things while hoping for a different result. That is poor self-leadership which affects your effectiveness not only for you, but your staff, co-workers, family, and friends.

Through coaching you can learn how to use become a leader who thrives by:

  • Identifying what's specifically stressing you.

  • Uncovering the obstacles that are in the way.

  • Shifting your perspective so you can see other possibilities that are not stressful.

  • Thinking through the best ways for you to overcome the challenges.

  • Aligning your thoughts and beliefs to what God says you ARE so BEing is more effective than Doing

  • Going after what you want, untethered and focused on what truly matters.

I'm sure you have seen and know that obstacles are inevitable in life and our work. However, you can learn to see them as a short hurdle by leading yourself and others using the Energy Leadership Index to quickly and easily create freedom from stressors while creating work and a life you love without compromising your values and dreams.

Ready to Reduce the Stress?

Please visit the link below. It will take you to learn more about the ELI, how you can have this assessment and a debrief, and walk away with a plan to reach your goals. BEcoming the leader you want to Be, so that you can let go of the stress while creating your highest success with great fun and joy is just a click away!

Start 2023 feeling strong and ready to make it your year. The year you shine. The year your business skyrockets. And you do it all without hardly any stress at all. I invite you to click on the link and check that out this limited- time opportunity to start BEing all you wan to be so you can achieve your wildest dreams. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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