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Master Your Mindset, Leadership & Confidence, and Work Life Balance

Every day more entrepreneurs and business leaders want life and work in balance. As an example, let me tell you about Barb. As a retailer whose business is on the trajectory for 1.2M for 2022, she was worn out mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually dry as she headed toward the fourth quarter. That led to hitting the wine or margaritas a little too much.

She wasn't sleeping well. She felt like everything, and everyone was working against her. She resented her spouse, her kids, and her staff.

Everyone was sooo needy, and she wanted to take care of those needs, but she had zero energy left to give, so she just put up with "what is" until occasionally she blew up, then felt guilty. As a result, her body hurt. There was neck pain, anxiety, and a racing heartbeat, to name a few of the difficulties she faced with her health.

She would tell herself work-life balance is a myth.

Because when she took off, she came back to extra work, and when she worked too much, she was too tired to do more than survive when she was off. It was a never-ending cycle of exhaustion and frustration.

Either way, she knew something had to give, and here's why. She understood that when you have the work-life balance that makes enjoyment of life with time to be a human BEing and NOT a human DOing all of the time, you can:

☑️Feed your body and your soul with kindness, compassion, and fun.

☑️Wake up feeling refreshed from a great night's sleep.

☑️Have the energy and clarity to get more accomplished in less time.

☑️Enjoy eating breakfast and making a healthy lunch as you do your daily prayer, meditation, gratitude, and planning every morning.

☑️Connect daily with God for unending peace, guidance, and provision.

☑️See everyone taking care of themselves and feeling empowered and happy while being proud you set the example for them to follow.

☑️Walk into work, check in on the day's priorities, then set the expectations for how to meet them.

☑️Work in your zone of genius using skills strategically at your business or your job while others in your charge work in their areas of expertise with excellence.

☑️Free up your time, energy, and creativity for innovation and experimentation.

☑️See the results of exponential growth while you enjoy days off with family, and friends, taking trips, serving in other interest areas, and maybe even enjoying a hobby or another side hustle pursuit.

➡️These are among many other possible reasons work-life balance is important.⬅️

So now, let's catch up with Barb. In only ten weeks, she learned how to flip inner narrative that told her she needed to do do everything to make things work right at work and home, so she could cut herself loose from the expectations that were stressing her out . She learned to work smart instead of hard to get more done with less time, which created work-life balance.

Do you want work-life balance to make it through 2022 and start 2023 with joy and freedom?

✅Try moving some things off your list while encouraging others to contribute in meaningful ways.

✅Approach delegation with gratitude, kindness, clarity, and confidence, even if things are accomplished differently from how you would have done them.

✅ Let go of desire for perfection.

✅Resist blaming and shaming.

✅It's all about thanking, motivating, directing, and redirecting.

In doing so, you will soon have work-life balance while maximizing your desired results. When you learn to balance YOU, you lead with superpowers that save the day, your work, and your life!

If you're ready to grab some self-leadership that will have you creating that work-life balance you seek,

reach out for a complimentary Breakthrough Call Here. where I help you uncover what's specifically in the way of work-life balance, what kind of work-life balance you want, and the step-by-step plan to get there.


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