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Judy is an engaging and inspiring speaker, coach, and business owner. She has a warm and welcoming approach that connects with her audience and motivates action. 

Reach out to discuss how I can tailor a talk to your group's specific needs.  Continue the momentum with group

coaching or a workshop.

Professional Speaker | Retail Business Coach | Judy Lester
Professional Speaker | Retail Business Coach | Judy Lester

The Thriving Entrepreneur

Self--awareness and self-Leadership are skills that every person should master. We all have unsupportive inner narratives speaking loudly in our thoughts that stop us fro leading ourselves forward.

They start with I can't, I'll never, If only, I wish, I should and all kinds of other words that say we are not enough for what we want and need.

It's time to kick that negative thinking out of the way and grab onto new, more empowering narratives. Ones that propel success in all aspects of work and in life, even when that seems impossible.

Entreprenuers rise up and lead BIG for fantastic results by courageously going after all they are designed and equipped to be once new, more supportive stories are ingrained and fully owned.

No more second-guessing, over-thinking, or apologizing unnecessarily because of fear of judgment from others.

This talk covers the five shifts to silence your inner critic and make success on your terms a reality.


Attendees walk away confident, empowered, energized, and ready to create next-level leaps in all aspects of work and life. 

Service that exSELLs!

Service excellence increases sales without having to be salesy or slimy in how you make the highest sales in any industry.


This presentation walks attendees through the success formula developed over 30 plus years of driving double-digit percentage growth while enjoying new and repeat business in the retail and wholesale business. 

This talk is available as a presentation or interactive workshop depending on your group's size and desired outcome.

Contact us to help you create a memorable experience that brings to life what service exSELLence is all about!

Enjoy watching it in practice in your workplace as sales skyrocket, staff loves selling, and customers keep coming back while telling and bringing others all about your business, too!

Professional Speaker | Retail Business Coach | Judy Lester

Post engagement surveys validate that attendees walk away with new ideas that create action with notable results.

  • Challenge thinking to ignite energy for strategic change.

  • Uncover and overcome the barriers and blind spots that prevent proactive and determined steps towards sustainable and ongoing growth.

  • Engage a culture that serves with excellence.

  • Have a memorable and fun time while learning how to make things happen.

REACH OUT to talk about these or other presentations tailored for your groups needs today!