Joyful, Confident YOU

The 5 Shifts our Clients use to Silence their Inner Critic and Claim Success on Their Terms 

(even if they've been spinning the same negative story for years)

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 I invite you to discover Clarity, Confidence, and Joy in your life and business so you can honor your passions and desires, TODAY!     

!n this free 45 minute presentation you will:

Discover how our clients overcome negative mental and verbal self-talk, even if other attempts at self-love and self-care, failed.

Hear how to quit doing everything for everybody, so you can take care of yourself and your needs without feeling lazy, guilty, or mean.

Learn how our clients control binge-watching, eating, excessive spending, and other unwanted habits while enjoying genuine connection, satisfaction, and contentment.

See how women, just like you, let go of misery from their past, even though deep hurts once defined their reality

Understand how activating God's promises in your life and accepting genuine unconditional love will help you love yourself and others, even when they are pretty unlovable.

Walk away with the knowledge of how to do it all, while accelerating success in all aspects of life and work, without feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, or stressed.

It is time to envision how you can live joyfully, confidently and authentically while overcoming obstacles, doubts, and excuses.

Judy Lester is a woman who strives to love God wholeheartedly and love people unconditionally. She believes she is uniquely equipped and called to help women overcome the judgment of self and others by shifting negative thoughts and emotions into supportive and effective action. 

Judy has worked with hundreds of women to discover their dreams, enact the plans to get there, while overcoming their fears and negative beliefs so they can become all that they are equipped and called to be. Working with self-employed ladies is her sweet spot. She is passionate about helping them own their unique abilities and experiences to confidently claim great joy and success.

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