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Ready to be Confident,
Effective and Limitless in Business or Work & life?

Then, you are in the right place!

This is where purpose-driven business owners, leaders, and individuals come
to develop a positive mindset to overcome all the
limited thinking in their business or career and life, 
while claiming joy, fun, work-life, balance and freedom.


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Meet the Coach

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Judy Lester is a former Fortune 500 company executive and an award-winning entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in serving entrepreneurs to take their businesses to high profit without losing their sanity and life.


She strives to honor God and her family as she helps people learn to overcome stress, guilt, burnout, and fear while creating ideal results with work and life boundaries.

Judy has worked with hundreds of service industry entrepreneurs using a mentoring and coaching approach to leverage individual strengths and opportunities that get quicker, more significant, authentic, and scalable results.

​Len Lester is Judy's partner in life and work. They have realized a beautiful marriage for 33 years and business together for 26 years. They have two wonderful young adult daughters that are pure joy and fun; and one adorable Cockapoo who sometimes snores during Zoom meetings.

​Together they enjoy serving in their church, neighborhood, and families while growing their businesses with freedom and boundaries that honor their values. They thrive by helping others do the same.

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