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Judy Lester | Specialty Retail Coach

Operating a thriving B2B or B2C retail or service business that delivers ever-growing sales, profit, and free time while making the personal pay you want by running the business you LOVE

(without burnout and overwhelm from the daily grind)

Why Work with Us?

Typical outcomes our clients experience are:

  • Sales and Profit increase by 15-50%, year after year

  • Proven marketing practices for exponentially more new and repeat business

  • Streamlined processes that make everything run with efficiency and ease to allow more time off for play

  • Authentic and empowered decision-making with confidence that connects and attracts the best for all 

  • Cohesive multi-partner ownership without stepping on toes or causing a kerfluffle

  • Scaling, expanding, and duplicating for greater reach without overwhelm, uncertainty, and burnout
  • Living with boundaries between work and home to be the happiest, healthiest person possible

  • A turn-key, high-value business to someday sell or hand off to the next generation

  • Working less on the daily grind while putting more toward what they enjoy without anything important slipping through the cracks

  • Enjoying the freedom that they always wished for but couldn't make a reality


 Achieving your ideal goals is well within reach. So, if you are ready to clear obstacles out of your way to make your business and life dream a reality,  let's talk!

Judy Lester | Len Lester | Specialty Retail Business Coach | Visionaries Edge

Our Story

Judy Lester is known as the Destiny Director helping visionary entrepreneurs turn their passion into high profit businesses without guilt, burnout, and fear. She's worked with hundreds of service industry entrepreneurs to bring their dream to reality while enjoying the income, the lifestyle, and the impact they desire using a mentoring and coaching approach that focuses on individual strengths and opportunities to get quicker, more significant results. Watch the training to learn all about it.

Len Lester is known as the Operations Master helping entrepreneurs engage the processes, practices, and priorities to make their business run efficiently and effectively. He's worked with a variety of specialty entrepreneurs to maximize operations and sales so they can concentrate on strategic growth while their business runs with ease.


Together they ran a business selling Len's beautifully made clocks and desk accessories along with the art and wares of hundreds of other creatives.

How We Can Help You

We offer a variety of services and pathways to meet your needs. Every step of the way, our focus is to help you work a clear and doable shift in areas that are not workings so you can get your desired outcomes as expediently and efficiently as possible without piling more onto your already full day.

Visionaries Edge | Judy and Len Lester | Specialty Retail Business Coach & Consultant

The Thriving Entrepreneur is at the center of the 4 core practices that my clients and I use to secure the traffic & leads for the profit and freedom desired while also enjoying a rich personal life.

The Thriving Entrepreneur is THE PATH for business owners who want to serve well without giving to depletion and exhaustion and how to do it without feeling overwhelmed, behind, and confused.  We have helped hundreds kick burnout and soar; now you can, too! 

Judy Lester | Professional Speaker

Are you seeking an engaging professional speaker to motivate and inspire your associate, business, or corporation? Contact Judy Lester today! Her most popular keynotes are:

  • Service that Excels

  • Lead Yourself First 

  • Emotional Intelligence for  Exponential Results 

  • Love, Serve, Sell 

Reach out to share your group's struggles and desired outcomes and we will suggest and tailor the perfect presentation to serve your group.​

Judy Lester | Specialty Retail Business Coach | Events

Workshops for your team or organization are our jam! We offer interactive training where participants walk away with an action plan and the mindset to get things done! And do so with clarity, confidence, and collaboration.

We enjoy working with Main Street America and other specialty retail and service-driven organizations and associations to help business owners fill in knowledge gaps while learning how to put that knowledge into action for their specific business.

Success Stories

I want to thank you for sharing your gifts of leadership, compassion, and listening with me. It has only been a week since our last session. My store and personal connections have been flourishing and developing beautifully. Daily reflective questions have helped me engage with my clients in a very meaningful way and I have used the lessons I’ve learned to transform my partnerships with staff and colleagues through more direct, honest communication. I have come to realize how connected all aspects of my life are to each other and how beautiful it is to engage openly with my whole heart.

Paige J.

Give us a call, or send us a message.  We can't wait to help you take your business to the next level.

Georgetown, TX


I look forward to talking with you!

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