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 I invite you to grab a drink and learn from the Advancement Now training, TODAY!     

In this free 45 minute presentation you will:

Discover how to get off the hamster wheel of uncertainty and run free with the steps to become the most joyful, confident, successful you as you level up your business, career, and life.

Hear how my clients have doubled their income, launched successful new businesses, and gotten promotions by merely conquering fear and self-doubt.

See how worrying what others think about you is a complete waste of time and energy and the sure-fire way to approval in every situation.

Learn how our clients accidentally sabotaged success without knowing it and what they did instead to advance steadily, even amidst the challenges of 2020.

See how doing this ONE THING in a new way will advance your career or business without spending countless hours on extra work or new processes.

And, discover how to take all you learn to create a personal plan so you can begin your journey to your highest success now.

It is time to envision how you can live joyfully, confidently, and authentically while overcoming obstacles, fears, and excuses to Claim The Success You Desire.

Judy Lester is a leadership and confidence coach, facilitator, and speaker who guides professional women to become the most authentic and successful version of themselves to thrive in career, business pursuits, and life. She believes the world needs more empowered, strong women leaders and is on a mission to support them in making their dreams, large and small, a reality while leading with grace, humility, and authenticity. If you would like to work on your own breakthrough plan, please schedule a free breakthrough session or give her a call today. 

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