Ready to Breakthrough
Stress, Burnout,
and Overwhelm?

 (While scaling a highly successful business you love)

Then, You are in the right place!
This is where purpose-driven business owners come
to be confident, energized, and joyful at work and home by
working less and earning more 
even when that seems impossible.

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How do they do it?

Let's start with me.

For over 36 years, I've been building scalable businesses from zero to 10M. I've done it without burnout and overwhelm for the last 20 years while raising kids, caring for aging parents, volunteering in organizations, and serving at church. Over these years, I developed a system that creates healthy boundaries, empowers others, and allows for 30-hour work weeks while earning weekly equitable pay in my businesses. 

This inclusive Visionaries Edge system has worked for me and hundreds of others. Let's talk and discover

if it will work for you, too!


Through Mentoring and Personal Coaching, You will Learn to:


Activate Faith and Courage to have the mindset to move past all the obstacles being a working mom throws your way!

Stop the Cycle of letting the daily to-dos run you so you can focus your time and attention on what matters.

Develop the EDGE that will set your business apart as the best to attract new and repeat clients more efficiently, transform the way you lead, and build the growth mindset necessary to propel results. 

Follow the Blueprint to make selling yourself,  products, and services without feeling salesy so you can enjoy raving fans who spend more and encourage others to do the same. 

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Want to See How We Do It?

(If you don't have time to watch now, register and you will receive a link to watch at your convenience)

Our approach is to provide training to show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be with personal support and accountability to put into place. The coaching will energize and propel the necessary changes with a whole new perspective and proven practices that enable the enjoyment of work and life in sync for now and always.

Our proven practices work, and there's nothing else like it.

If you want to see how we do this, watch our free training that shares the practices

we've refined with over 30+ years of growing scalable, turn-key businesses while

enjoying a happy, free, and fun life, too!


All for your best!  


Meet the Coach

Judy Lester is a former Fortune 500 company executive and an award-winning entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in serving visionaries to take their passion to high profit without losing their sanity and life.  
She strives to honor God and her family as she helps others learn to overcome stress, guilt, burnout, and fear while creating ideal results with work and life boundaries.
Judy has worked with hundreds of service industry entrepreneurs using a mentoring and coaching approach to leverage individual strengths and opportunities to get quicker, more significant, authentic, and lasting results.

Len Lester is Judy's partner in life and work. They have realized a beautiful vision in marriage for 33 years and business together for 26 years. They have two wonderful young adult daughters that are pure joy and fun; and two lazy dogs who sometimes snore during Zoom meetings.

Together they enjoy serving in their church, neighborhood, and families while growing their businesses with freedom and boundaries that honor their values. They thrive by helping others do the same.

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Explore Options For Help

Choose from a variety of services and pathways to meet your needs. Every step of the way, our focus is to help you work a clear and doable shift in areas that are not working so you can get your desired outcomes as expediently and efficiently as possible without piling more onto your already full schedule. Mental, Physical, and Financial Freedom are folded in as part of every pathway.

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Are you a visionary with grand plans and BIG dreams but are so burnt-out, overwhelmed, and stuck that you're losing sight of how to make it all come true?

Are you seeking an all-encompassing solution to scale your dream business while learning how to get out of the day-to-day operation, reduce hours working, and live the freedom owning a business is meant to offer you?
Our Visionaries Edge Program will help you leverage your strengths while developing areas of most significant opportunity and impact. 

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Most people marginalize success and connection in work and life due to fear of not doing things right, worrying they'll say something wrong, and feeling inadequate compared to others. Often they apologize for every perceived misstep they make. These and other limiting reactions keep them hiding and playing small.

This kind of thinking and reaction is quickly shifted when you develop crucial leadership skills that boost confidence and other critical soft skills that propel enjoyment and success in work and life with greater ease.


It is common to develop a fixed or scarcity mindset over time that limits  success and enjoyment in work and life.

Most people unknowingly create assumptions, negative thoughts, and false  interpretations concerning situations and these trigger a stress response that puts us in overwhelm or fight mode.

Mindset coaching works by assessing mindset differences in normal life versus stressful situations. Once identified, you practice the steps to move through reactions differently to see better outcomes in even the most challenging experiences. 


Fun, engaging, and interactive workshops for your team or organization are one of my favorite supplemental services!

Participants will learn proven, best practices and hear relatable stories, then walk away with an action plan and a mindset boost to get things done with less stress and better results! And do so with clarity, confidence, and collaboration.

If you are seeking an engaging, relatable professional speaker to motivate and inspire your associate, business, or corporation, I've got you covered there, too!

(then please fill out the form that pops us after you book, that way, I can be prepared to help you)


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