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The 5 Proven Shifts Our Entrepreneurial-minded Clients Make To Advance Their Business, Career, and Life Now 

(while working fewer hours and elevating their pay)

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In this free 45 minute presentation you will learn:

How our clients use their female superpowers to launch or advance their dream business and career while authentically enjoying life, outstanding compensation, and making a meaningful impact.

How our clients get off emotional rollercoasters and learn how to use their emotions intelligently for far-reaching, continuous outcomes.

What our driven clients do to quickly grow or start their side-hustle and advance in their day job while enjoying more free time, significant pay increases, and fun.

The secret formula our stellar clients use to get maximum results quite quickly in their work, at home, volunteering... anywhere they feel frustrated and struggle.

How doing all the obvious things keeps you in the 80% of the population that stays stuck. And what the 20% do differently to realize their long-awaited dreams, even in a global pandemic.

And how to do this all without feeling selfish, guilty, or neglectful while you enjoy more money, working less, and making an impact that makes you proud.

It is time to envision how you can live joyfully, confidently, and authentically while overcoming obstacles, fears, and excuses to Claim The Success You Desire.

Judy Lester is a leadership and confidence coach, facilitator, and speaker who guides professional women to become the most authentic and successful version of themselves to thrive in career, business pursuits, and life. She believes the world needs more empowered, strong women leaders and is on a mission to support them in making their dreams, large and small, a reality while leading with grace, humility, and authenticity. If you would like to work on your own breakthrough plan, please schedule a free breakthrough session or give her a call today. 

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