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The 5 Powerful Shifts Lady Leaders
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See how worrying what others think about you is a complete waste of time and energy and the sure-fire way to approval in every situation.

Learn the one thing that changes everything to feel and know you are THE only confident, capable leader needed for that coveted position, even if you have trouble believing that statement is actually true.

Understand what it takes, step by step, to secure the job that will ignite your passion and energy while making a notable difference in lives and in the results of your team and company.

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It is time to envision how you can live joyfully, confidently, and authentically while overcoming obstacles, fears, and excuses to Claim The Success You Desire.

Judy Lester is a woman who strives to honor God wholeheartedly and love people unconditionally. For over 30 years, she has worked with hundreds of ambitious, professional women to advance in their careers so they can do work they are proud of and enjoy the salary they deserve. Her proven process to Advancement now has secured hundreds of promotions and raises for women of all ages, levels, and experience. Her passion is to see more women become empowered confident leaders who change the world, one department, one company, at a time.

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