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Work-Life Balance
Coaching For Business Owners
and Leaders

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You finally have the business or career of your dreams, but the freedom you dreamt of is nowhere in sight. 
The Work-Life Balance Coaching Package will help you limitlessly scale in your dream business or job while enjoying a sustainable work-life balance. 
  • Imagine taking two full days off a week while everything runs perfectly fine ( or better) without you.

  • Imagine feeling decisive and confident about decisions big and small without overthinking or worrying you may be wrong.

When you work with Judy, you will:

  • Feel energized, excited, and joyful

  • Enjoy peace of mind at work and home

  • Overcome negative self-talk

  • Feel empowered and capable in challenges

  • Have confidence in decision-making

  • Achieve sustainable work-life balance

  • Take at least 2 full days off a week

  • Set boundaries that honor values and needs simultaneously

  • Enable the people around you to be responsible for themselves

  • Enjoy a business or workplace that runs smoothly without you

  • Work in your area of genius instead of putting out fires all day

The Work-Life Balance Coaching Package, you get:


12 weeks of personal support includes:


(1) Energy Leadership™ Assessment with a 90-minute jumpstart session for goal-setting and mapping. 

(3) Video training modules about the benefits of Energy Leadership ™ for the application to current situations, including but not limited to over-working, decision-making, and empowering others at work and home to move more off your to-do list.

(9) 1:1 45-minute sessions for complete support toward actualizing specific goals 

AND, Brief Text and Email support in between sessions

Looking for a shorter option to try it out? 

Ask about the 6 week starter package.

Click the Button Above to Book a Call and Explore if this package is a good fit for you

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