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Choose any of the following for focused sessions of

consulting and coaching:


For all businesses



  • Maintaining low stress while juggling family responsibilities, production and business growth

  • Managing your physical and mental energy for success



  • Managing income and expenses for a healthy bottom line and cash flow

  • Growing your business when money seems scarce

  • Investing time and money with good ROI of sales and profits

  • Planning for growth by year, quarter, month and day

  • Planning your exit strategy to maximize your return on investment


Customer Service/Marketing

  • Enacting great service that creates high conversion rates without being pushy

  • Identifying and marketing to your ideal customer

  • Building business through direct mail (print and digital)

  • Creating powerful marketing messages



  • Hiring, training, and retaining great staff

  • Creating a success-driven environment that builds loyalty

  • Dealing with performance issues in a productive and legal way



  • Building positive working relationships with other businesses

  • Enacting targeted, effective networking


Branding/Physical Location

  • Get on the right track with proactive design commitment to your Vision, Mission & Purpose

  • Locating and securing ideal brick and mortar location


Don’t see what you are looking for – just ask!

Specifically for Retailers


  • Design of packaging and marketing materials (virtual and physical)

  • Effective visual merchandising

  • Working with manufacturer’s reps for best results

  • Managing inventory to maximize sales and cash flow

  • Placement of display cases, sales floor flow, and checkout process for maximum ease of shopping and purchasing

  • Pricing structures

  • Selecting impulse and add-on sale products to increase average sales

  • Powerful plans that rock 4th quarter sales

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