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Are you ready to make your business soar with the power of unique niche Definition, Development and Practice?

Nail It!

4 sessions to uniquely define who your target customers are, what you do for them and how you do it. Through these sessions you will find your path in making what you do in your marketplace unique in such a way that your customer chooses you over another.      



Market It!

When you know your unique niche, take up to 4 sessions to develop the plan to market it. During this time, you will identify where and how you will reach your target customer.  Then, you will develop a plan to connect all that you offer in a way that sets you apart and connects you and your target customer.


Tweak It!

4 sessions to coach through implementation, adjusting, and measuring reaction. You will develop plans for ongoing evaluation and adjustment.  You will establish a process for measuring your return on investment, and when and where to tweak as you develop your niche and customer base.



Own It! - You want to Nail It!, Market It!, Tweak It! AND Own It!
 All 12 sessions to set you on a solid path to success in your marketplace. $2100  (Bonus - Includes ELI Assessment & Debrief, $175 Value)
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