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How Service Industry Entrepreneurs Get Out of Overwhelm, Burnout, and Confusion to Easily Create the Traffic, Profit, and Personal Pay they want
(While enjoying 35-hour work weeks, fun with family, and yearly vacations)

This meaningful training will show you 4 core practices that my clients and I use to....

  • Secure the traffic & leads for the profit and freedom desired while also enjoying a rich personal life.

  • Turn over-controlling and working into a strength that will energize and free you rather than deplete you

  • Create a "WOW"ing client experience every time, making sales and referrals come easily and frequently.

  • Sell with ease without feeling salesy, even when selling expensive goods or services. 

  • Serve well without giving to depletion and exhaustion while enjoying the rewards and joy genuine service brings.

  • AND how to do all this without feeling overwhelmed, behind, and confused. Hundreds have kicked the burnout to soar; now you can, too! 

Judy Lester | Destiny Director | Specialty Retail Business Coach

Meet Judy

Judy Lester is known as the Destiny Director helping business owners increase sales and profit while earning a living that makes them proud. She's worked with hundreds of owners to bring their highest goals to reality while enjoying the income, the lifestyle, and the freedom they desire. She is partners in love, work, and family with her husband, Len. In a span of 20 years, they grew a specialty shop to 1.5M in a little historic downtown while continuously drawing the personal pay they desired. Together, they bring more than 50 collective years of unique, proven perspectives and approaches to growing service-centered businesses to 7-figures and beyond. The Lester's are all about growth for now, for legacy, & for a nice profit when you sell someday.

(Caution: Clients say life-changing results bring pure joy, happy dancing, endless grinning. Proceed at your own risk.)

Is The Thriving Entrepreneur Right for me?

The Thriving Entrepreneur is for anyone that makes a living from selling products or services to consumers or other businesses and is ready to take sales, profits, and personal pay to the next level.

If you want to serve people in a meaningful way while enjoying a comfortable life with freedom of choice...  
This is for You! 

Use the links below to watch our free training or schedule a call for us to help you decide if The Thriving Retailer is right for you.


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